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Smok G-PRIV 4 Kit

52,000.00 AMD

Dinner Lady

17 Продукты

Vape Dinner Lady is a UK success story in the highly competitive vape market. Winner of more than 40 international awards, the company manufactures premium e-liquids and vape devices and sells into over 100 countries. Established in 2016, it focuses on the needs of our customers and ensuring that they have a satisfying vape experience. In addition to only using premium ingredients, the brand is committed to innovation across all of our ranges, drawing upon flavours and aromas linked to nostalgia. It develop solutions and e-liquids that smokers and vapers can enjoy today and tomorrow. One of its key messages is that vaping is a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, however to help people switch, it recognizes that flavor is hugely important. In addition to producing smoking cessation literature, it has also developed disposable e-cigarettes to help people make their move away from smoking tobacco. It produces a wide range of award-winning flavours in categories such as Desserts, Sweets, Ice, Fruits and Tobacco. They taste good, and smell even better. Lemon Tart was our original flavour, and it's as loved now as it was when it was launched in 2016, with more than 4million unit sales worldwide and four-time winner of best dessert flavour.


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